Theo Jansen

Yesterday I met up with a chick off Tinder for the first time. Tinder's been an amusing experience as everyone who knows me on FB has probably noticed.

Anyway, I was early and she was late, so I wandered as I am wont to do, and stumbled onto Theo Jansen giving a demonstration/exhibition of some of his work. Absolutely fascinating stuff and man, and it was wicked to meet him in person (yup got his autograph too)

if you don't know who he is and haven't seen his Strand Beest, check this out.


  1. Theo Jansen is awesome! And this is so important comment that I just had to post it here

    1. And since I already opened my mouth:

    2. I've been in awe of his stuff from the first time I saw a video of the beast on the beach. Just the whimsy magic of creating something like this, coupled with his engineering genius...


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