The Dog and the Lobster

So I stumbled across this little gem earlier, 'Dog tries to protect her little lobster friend from becoming dinner.' The summation at the end of the 'article' says, 'Eventually her humans do take Sami's little lobster baby away, but not before the duo showed that all critters have feelings, no matter their shape or size.'

You can watch the original video below.

I enjoy a cute video as much as anyone else, but this article is just ignorant, and people who don't know any better (dog owners and non-dog owners) are going to read it and learn something that could end up leading to really dangerous dog behavior.

This dog is resource guarding what it perceives as a high value treat/toy. It has no idea that the lobster is going to be dinner, and hence there is no way that it is trying to protect it from becoming dinner. She's trying to keep it away from the other dog, from her owners, and from looking at her posturing she's not in a comfortable situation.

If you've had a lot of experience with dogs, I think you'll see that right away. I think the people in the video are lucky that their dog is a pretty low energy dog. If this was a Shikoku doing this I think we would have seen someone get bit pretty quickly (of course the lobster might not have survived so long either).


  1. I agree!!! I cannot see when the humans enjoy in a situation where a dog isn't comfortable. Here the German Sheppard looks understanding that the humans can take out the toy and she make all the signals for say "this is mine but not for protection only for possession like all the dogs in the world" and what doing the humans? Trying to take the crab without exchange of reward. Dog mind "why you give me soooo nice thing and now you want take out from me? Not good !"

  2. I know what you mean. I experience that also constantly. Maybe you know this video with the dog, who allegedly tried to save a fish that is on dry ground. But in reality he tries to bury it and hide.
    Or the countless videos of children and dogs. The dog appeases already abundantly clear but instead of getting the child away from the dog, the parents found it just incredibly cute how well understand dog and child are.
    But alas, the dog snapped suddenly after the child. :/


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