Doorway's been fixed.

Now just juggling some translation projects while waiting for Baron x Tenko pups to arrive. Due date is around the 17th, and she looks to be carrying quite a bit of weight.

Today it's overcast and a fairly cool 24 degrees, so Baron and I will be heading out to see about some boar.


  1. Ahhh baron puppies!!!!!, Ever since i laid my eyes on baron, I've wanted to meet or have one of barons puppies because I truly respect the dog that he is. But I've invested into the Shikoku so I don't think I'd ever be able to accommodate a baron puppy. That and his wait list must be long. I live in California and they recently allowed the hunting of squirrels, So it makes me wonder, do Shikoku or do Kishu have stronger hunting drives?

    1. I'd say the Kishu have more drive, as a breed.


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