Monkey Business

When you're going after boar and run into a super troop of monkeys.

YouTube Video

Rumor has it there are over 100 in this troop, and I counted over 60. I literally sat under the tree there for over 10 minutes watching them pass. Of course Baron and Masa had set them on the move. We were out looking for boar, and getting some hunt training (and a work out) for Masa.

This is the second time Masa's been out with me. The first time was a complete joke since he would only go uphill, and refused to go downhill. You can imagine how that went. Ahhh the joys of training new hunting dogs.


  1. Terrific video! Looks like shikokus pups have a problem on going down. Same joy with shuuko in the forest and downstairs in house LOL


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