Which Dogs?

It's always a tough decision trying to decide which dogs/pups to keep. It was a lot easier when my dogs were just pets. I chose them, and that meant I planned to keep them forever. Now that I'm trying to keep dogs for a 'program', and for two breeds (Shikoku/Kishu), the decisions are much more complex. Trying to balance keeping the right dogs, plus keeping down the number of dogs I have at my house is tough.

To add to that I've got osteoarthritis in my knees which is degenerative, so I have to keep that in mind. Until I've got an easier way to exercise my dogs that doesn't involve walking them all on foot twice a day, I have to keep the numbers manageable. 1 breed would be easier than 2, and since I never really planned for a full fledged Kishu program, they always take the back burner when it comes to numbers.

I kept two females from my Baron x Tenko litter, thinking to hunt them in the future, but originally I hadn't planned to keep any of the pups here. 2 of them will be with local hunters anyway, under agreement that they work with me in the future, and if the pups turn out to be good breeding stock, I get a female back.

As luck would have it I just got a call yesterday that 2 Shikoku pups from proven hunting stock will be gifted to me. I've been wanting pups from this line for a few years to try out, and now there are some available. They'll arrive tomorrow haha. So once again, I'm here making difficult decisions regarding which dogs it is most important to keep here.

I've got some exciting plans for this year, and once they're rolling I shouldn't have a problem having a few more dogs around, but for now I have to stay realistic. In case you're wondering, I own 6 dogs at the moment.


  1. Oooh! Congratulations. On the Shikoku pups. Not the degenerative osteoarthritis. The Shikoku sound exciting! I can't wait to see them (and see them in action, I'm sure!)

  2. Good on you, Shigeru...can't wait to follow what you produce in your lines, and more breeders ought to have the philosophies/sensibilities you do. (Myself re: the latter, admittedly!)

  3. I've got a friend who's looking for an easy-going juvenile companion that won't freak out on him if it's given a bath (like an overly sensitive Shiba) nor freak out on him with separation anxiety once he leaves for work.

    If you got any Shikoku like that, I'll send him your way.


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