Bird Dog Trials

I'm on the board for the regional hunter's association hunting dog department. They say hunting dogs, but it's sole purpose is bird dog trials. I've got no experience here, so I figure it's a new learning experience. Yesterday was our first trial of the year. Luckily it was held 5 minutes from my house at a disused cattle ranch, so I was basically able to crawl out of bed and still get there first thing in the morning.

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I prefer pointers over setters, but I'm not really into the temperaments of these trial dogs. These are very high strung, high energy dogs they've got here. But still, it was fun to see what generations upon generations of hunters have created. That's a pretty amazing feat humans have pulled off, breeding a dog to stand on point and hunt in such a controlled manner.

Baron sat in the truck and watched. He behaved himself quite well, and later in the day San, one of the pups from the Baron x Tenko litter, dropped by. She's maturing nicely, a little small, but good tempered. Hopefully she turns into a good boar dog!