The New Pups

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Been waiting for these pups for a few years, and now suddenly they're here. They're 2 month old sisters out of working/show lines, from a proven (boar dog) breeding. Let's see how they do. I already see a lot of differences when compared to Shikoku pups I'm used to seeing.

Since I've been asked a few times, I've entered one of their pedigrees into the database. Sorry, but there were so many dogs that I had to enter into the DB to flesh it out that I don't have time to call all the kennels and ask what the correct readings of their names are. I just entered them in kanji straight off the pedigree.

Shigeru Katoさん(@katothewalrus)が投稿した動画 -


  1. Cute pups hope they grow up nice and healthy.

  2. What are some of the differences you've been seeing?

    1. They're a lot bolder toward noises and new experiences, they're very quick to vocalize, and they're extremely inquisitive and high energy. Like energizer bunnies.

  3. Would love to read their pedigree.

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