NIPPO Chiba Branch 2016 Spring

It's a crazy busy time for me right now, and to be honest I'm getting a bit too swamped. Why oh why when I'm so busy do I keep adding more things to do? Because they're damn fun and we only live once.

Was in Tokyo all day yesterday working, then dropped by a client's hospital's 25th anniversary party, and ended up karaoke'ing and having drinks in Roppongi with friends. All this to be back home and up by 5 to head out to the Chiba branch show. Masa's in pretty good condition, and I've put a fair bit of work into getting him show ready. There were over 200 entries, but unfortunately he was the only one in his class, so while we still got an excellent and wakainu prize, I hope next time we'll have some competition in the ring. Masa stacked like a champ.

It was fun hanging out with friends as always, and getting to see all the new pups that will be shown this fall. Now I've gotten home, walked my 8 dogs, showered, and it's time to start doing my taxes. The deadline for that is the 15th. Wish me luck.
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