NIPPO Grand National 2016

The NIPPO Grand National this year will be held on November 19th and 20th in Futtsu City, Chiba Prefecture. The 19th will be for the medium and large size breeds, and the 20th will be for Shiba and best in show.

I'm on the board as a member of the organizing committee and will be showing dogs as well (hopefully!) so I imagine I'll be busier than usual, but I hope to see you all there! With the show here in Chiba, it's only an hour and a half from Narita International Airport, and about the same distance from Tokyo, so that's definitely a plus for everyone visiting from overseas.

For the adventurous, I'm happy to have guests stay out here at my place. I don't know how many times we'll get to host the national here in Chiba during my lifetime, so I'm planning to make the most of it and have a party.


  1. Riina & Corina combo is staying with you! and we are planning to do the 24 hour challenge during this trip ;P

  2. Whoa! We'd totally be down. Let me double check with Brie first, but this sounds like a great event to get to meet other dogs. You still got space?

  3. We will be traveling from Australia getting really excited already!!


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