So this is Shura. If you follow my Instagram or Facebook you've probably seen her before. She's 1/4 Tosa/Pit/Cane Corse/Mastiff, bred by a friend of a friend as part of their guard dog program. They wanted me to have a pup, but I told them I don't really need a guard dog, and if I raise her she's definitely not going to be a badass. I do have a thing for big dogs though, and she's a really nice break from the high energy and hunting drive of the Nihon Ken.

She started out this small. I would carry her everywhere in my jacket since it was winter, and she doesn't tolerate cold very well. Another major difference from the Nihon Ken.

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She's quite a big girl now at 4 months, but I haven't taken too many pics or vids. She's been a walking medical bill to be honest, but I'm used to that part of dog ownership.

Shigeru Katoさん(@katothewalrus)が投稿した写真 -

I had to deal with parasites, kennel cough (which then EVERYONE slowly caught so I had to medicate all my 7 other dogs), and then she got cherry eye which I had to have operated on. She's great now though, just a big silly puppy. Hopefully she'll be my everywhere dog to hang out with me when I leave the house. I take some of the other dogs sometimes, but high strung hunting dogs heading into Tokyo is not always the funnest experience, for me and them.