Komarou Line Kai

It's been a while since anything Kai related went up on the blog, and since I was scraping around in my Kai files and doing a touch of research I thought I'd throw these up on the blog.

Mr.Yanagisawa was a extremely influential in the Kai as a breed from its very early days. While he lived in Nakano, Tokyo, he wrote many articles about the breed and worked hard to push for its preservation as a hunting breed. While he passed away a while ago, his family still runs the shop (at least they did last time I looked which was a few years ago). Mr.Yanagisawa had a famous male named Komarou who ended up being an amazing hunting dog. The dogs of his line were named after this dog, so are referred to as 'Komarou Kei' (Komarou Line). 

Here's a few pics of three of the famous males, Komarou, Ichirou, and Gengorou.


  1. Thank you Shigeru :). We can see with those pictures that the breed was pretty well preserved

  2. Hello Shigeru-San, the Kai is indeed a very handsome and smart dog. I am researching Kai. I am looking for a breeder in the US, but there are not that many here. I may consider one from Australia if the logistics are feasible. If you can recommend a breeder please send me a message. Cheers - Joseph

    1. I'm located in Japan.
      Have you contacted Yamabushi Kennel in the US?

    2. Thanks Kato, I have contacted them, but have not heard back yet. Hopefully they are still operating. I am not in a hurry and will wait for the right Kai pup.


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