Messed Up the Knee

Yup. Out surfing massively tiny surf the other day, slipped, and twisted the knee. Ridiculous really. It hurt for 30 seconds, after which I imagined I could keep surfing, which I did for another hour or two. The badness only kicked in after a 2 hour drive. One step out the car and I knew I was in trouble.

The timing is sucky since it's preparation time for the NIPPO Grand National and the hunting season, but it is what it is. I'm actually not really bothered since I realized nature's decided I should slow down a bit, and I'm going to do all the slow things for a while. Feels good to flow with the go of things instead of fighting to have them my way.

Anyway, the brace keeps my leg functional, functional enough to get some work done on my kitchen! The bones are okay, MCL not looking good, maybe some meniscal damage. MRI scheduled in a bit. Fingers crossed!


  1. So sorry this happened. I hope you recover soon.

    1. Thanks. MRI this week, and hopefully all's well.


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