Shigeru Katoさん(@katothewalrus)が投稿した動画 -

Shigeru Katoさん(@katothewalrus)が投稿した動画 -

Wake up at dawn to wailing puppies. Check. Well I did get some more sleep after taking them to the toilet. Got some work in on the computer, walked all the dogs, played with puppies again, took Masa out into the mountains to chase boar for an hour, got soaked in the rain. Of course he is now making it a habit to roll in stink just before getting into the car. Literally while I'm packing gear in the car he saunters over and finds something nasty and rolls. But we're still buddies, and he's still here in the house watching Netflix with me. Time to go out into the pouring rain (typhoon coming again) and walk all the dogs again.


  1. Ermagerd. Kawaiiiiiiiiiiiii. Do you have owners set up for these pups already?

    1. Yes, these little biters have homes already, but I have another couple litters on the way.


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