Taking Pictures of Puppies

It's never an easy thing to get a good picture of an animal. Especially one as unpredictable as a puppy. To be honest I get a tinge of annoyance when someone asks for another picture of a pup/dog or 'more recent pictures'. Come to think of it, after I've sent the pup to them, and ask for a picture of how it's maturing, I usually get an out of focus picture of the pup lying on it's back on the sofa with a Christmas ornament lodged between its teeth.

Anyway, I was asked for a picture of one of my Shikoku pups, and after 20 minutes of nothing good, I gave up and took some video. I did get a few nice ones of the Kishu girls that are going to Hakuzan in the US.

If I ever ask you for a picture of a pup I sent you, it's probably because the breeder wants to see how it turned out for future breeding reference. A good head shot, and a shot where structure is visible would be nice!


  1. She's got a cute expression.

    I've been meaning to meet up with Toutarou's family to get new pictures of him, since he's almost a year old now. I swear I take 500 pictures and I get maybe 5 that work during any given session.

    1. That's the deal with taking pictures of animals. Set it up as best you can, and take a lot of shots!


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