Kishu Book Part 3

Here we go for today's post before I head into Tokyo.
 Seiryoku (?)
 Roshiya, another very famous Kishu
 Roshiya Hachi
 Kishu that had a great impact on the breed's foundation


  1. Would you mind if I cleaned up some of these images to use on my site, at some point? I would love to redo my history page some day, with more information... and maybe ask you more questions about some of these dogs if you have time-- like why is Roshiya famous? There's so much I don't know!

  2. Feel free to put up the images at your own risk. I don't own the rights to them, so cannot give permission for them to be used.
    Questions are fine, I may answer them depending on my mood. Seriously. I get a lot of questions like this every day, and to answer them all would take too all my time.

    1. I get that! Thank you for putting these up!


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