The Kookbox

What am I so busy with that I can't keep up with blogging? To be honest I always feel a slight tinge of guilt about not blogging regularly. I'm equal parts busy with the dogs, hunting, traveling, working on the cabin, and helping out with numerous other projects for friends. While this is a bit of joy and not another excuse for not blogging, I've had a lady friend for a while now, and we're either hanging out or surfing a lot. This is one of my many projects that I jumped into with no regard for my schedule. Just found this quirky 4WD base vehicle (a Nissan Rasheen) from 1998 and thought it would be a fun one to tweak a bit. Lady friend needed a vehicle to jump in and out of her place in Tokyo, and without asking if this was okay, I just bought it and started the project. Here's how the original goes.

Did a full maintenance overhaul; belts, liquids, tires, wheels. In a past life I worked in a body shop that specialized in Merc's and Volvo's, so body work is not too daunting though it's been over 15 years since I painted a car. I kept it simple this time round and removed/painted the roof rails, front/rear bumper, and grill. There was some putty work involved on the bumpers (and a bit of cheating here and there) but overall I'm quite happy with how it turned out.

Found a grill that I tweaked a bit to work on this baby, and switch to some retro round headlights as opposed to the ugly stock goggles.

And so she's up and running. I've christened her the kookbox due to her toolbox-like build. At 75,000km and fully maintenanced she should be good to go for a good while. Just threw the longboard on the rack and hit the beach yesterday. All worked out quite well.

I'm sorry if I haven't answered your emails. I'm busy doing things like this, and traveling. Seattle, Amsterdam, and Morocco have been visited in the past 3 weeks. Getting pretty world class at dealing with jetlag.