Second Gen

Took Karen out solo today. She hunts well enough with Baron, but for me and my style of close quarters hunting, staying focused and in constant (non-verbal) communication between dog and hunter, it's time for her to step up a notch. It's a bit of a pain for me because Baron hunts so well that hunting with the younger dogs is a lot more work with less boars taken. But Baron's not going to be around forever, so I have to put in the work with the other dogs.

Karen's a very easy dog to own. Is just like Baron in that she doesn't bark at home, sleeps 23 hours a day, and is an easy keeper. She gets along with other dogs, and is shy toward strangers. I don't mind that one bit because I'm not trying to raise a Labrador. She's a working dog, and it's actually preferable that she avoids people, other dogs, and houses etc. As long as she's not aggressive toward any of those, it's all good. She's got a good nose, hunts very well with Baron, is still a bit too loose when on boar (gives them too much space, especially after a charge) and she gets the 'zoomies' sometimes especially when first getting out of the car. The energy and excitement get her running, and this really sucks with hunting dogs off leash because it pulls the other dogs into a race and amps up everyone's energy. Then I have to get her and everyone else back and paying attention to me and the hunt which wastes a good amount of time.

Anyway, all that to say the answer is to hunt her solo for a while. It'll create a closer bond and more communication with me, and she'll get more focused on hunting boar as opposed to playing. Plus she'll have to work harder to stop the boar by herself. Today was a good first day where she really started 'talking' to me in the mountains more. We didn't get on any boar, but that will come.

We hunted the afternoon, and then in the evening after we got home, boar were already all over the neighborhood. Their coming in to eat the fresh bamboo, and of course the hillside behind my house is covered in bamboo. The dogs don't like the boar there, and it's tough to get out to walk the dogs because we're basically surrounded. These boar have 'uribou' (piglets) with them, which makes it even gnarlier as the herd are more aggressive in moving toward perceived threats. As it is I just managed to finish walking the dogs, had some fun watching the boar with my high beam flashlights for a while, and then realized it seemed one finally walked into one of my box traps. Sure enough, a big 70kg-ish boar is in one of the traps. Hope it holds alright till morning when I head down to shoot it.

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