Trapping Boar

I'm not big on trapping... It's effective, but I don't like the potential hours of stress on wild animals till you arrive to shoot them, and really I just don't have the time to be checking tons of traps every day. But, I do get asked by the local community and the city to control boar in areas where unleashing the hounds is not possible. The neighborhood I live in, well the boar are everywhere now, so I've got a few traps out. The other night boar were all over my nightly walking course, digging up fresh bamboo shoots. It was pretty hairy trying to walk all the dogs without running into them, and believe me there's some pretty big boar in there. I just shot a 92kg male this morning. Anyway, the other night I heard some noise near one of my box traps that's been empty for nearly a year. Well it was no longer empty. 72kg male boar. Went over and shot him at dawn (5am).

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  1. I never see the good old grip and grin type pics or tailgate portraits of dog, kill and gun proudly displayed after a successful hunt. Reason for this?

    1. There are a few pictures out there of me, my dogs, and boar, but I usually don't take pictures of animals I've killed. I hunt to eat or kill nuisance animals, and am not a fan of sport or trophy hunting, so I guess there are less pictures of that nature on my blog. If I was to take a picture of an animal I'd prefer it was alive and not a corpse.

  2. Point taken. I hunt because I can and because I love to hunt. I eat everything I kill provided it's edible. I don't think I'm a bad or I'll intentioned person for "sport hunting" and I'm not sure I appreciate your comment but to each their own. To me pics after the hunt are a memory of a great accomplishment


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