Sesame in the Shiba

Sesame is an officially recognized color in the breed, but it's not without it's controversy. Some say it wasn't originally in the breed (at least not the type of sesame we have today), and some say the current coloration was created by adding Shikoku to the mix. Who knows these things.

All that is certain is that there is sesame in the breed, but generally just in one line that originally comes from Shikoku.

It's a very difficult color to select for in the Shiba, so there's plenty of people that have purchased a sesame Shiba pup only to have it turn out like this.

We were sure that one was going to be a sesame...
So why am I blogging this? Rare color always seems to equal a large amount of requests. So here's the answer. The odds of you getting a sesame pup is low. It will take time. And then, it's a crapshoot whether it will end up being a proper sesame (with even coloration over it's entire body).


  1. Would this puppy be considered Ay/at - Sashige? From my understanding there's 2 types of Sesame - the Ay/at Sesame (usually they tend to be Sashige if they don't develop the black hairs where it's suppose to be) & the Aw/at Sesame which is an agouti dog. Aw/at being more predicable compared to Ay/at. Ay/at has the widow's peak (from my understanding) while the Aw/at tends to follow a black & tan pattern. I've seen pictures of a red puppy (well I assumed he was red from the pictures) molt into a red Sesame (Ay/at I believe). I was told by the breeder he was born Sesame - I'm wondering if the same thing would happen with this pup.

    1. No idea. We don't genetic test for coat color over here.

    2. Hi Alexis it’s Craig. You are correct :)

  2. I'd love to see what his final adult color turns out to be..I would not be surprised if he was an ay/at red sesame as the widow's peak is apparent at some point. Also curious to know his pedigree as that also can give some insight into where his color is coming from.


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