Chacha x Bunta

 On the 18th of September Chacha gave birth to 5 pups, 2 males and 3 females. All the pups look to be red sesame, though female 3 might be red. Unfortunately on day 2 female number 2 was accidentally smothered. I'd put a towel in the kennel, one of the pups crawled under it, and Chacha and the pups were on top of her by the time I got back from walking the other dogs. It was a matter of around 45minutes that I was gone, but resuscitation failed. It was a hard thing to accept, but I'm just focusing on the fact that I have 4 healthy pups.

The above is male number 1.

This is male number 2. 

Female 1.

 Female 3.

 These pictures were taken at 2 days old. I'll keep updating as I always do, so everyone can see the pups maturing, and hopefully learn about more about the breed (as I do every time I get to see a litter of pups change as they grow).