Little Kaze and Yama at 2.5 Months

I just got back from a trip to the States last night, so took the time to get out a bit with the pups this afternoon at sunset. Shot a few pictures, took some video. This is Kaze, one of the females from the Bunta x Chacha litter.

Below is her brother, Yama. I'm still looking for a home for this guy. He's got the best eyes in the litter.


  1. In general how would you describe the working nature of a typical Nihon Ken in the field? My impression is that seeing as the are a "primitive" or Spitz type dog similar to the European laikas, they would tend to be more independent and hound-like, following a scent line with out stopping, as opposed to a western gun dog breed that responds well to a handler, but I don't know.

    They would appear to be the perfect dog for baying up moose and black bear here in Ontario. We are also getting a growing feral boar population that is a concern. I m thinking of my next dog being along these lines.

    1. I've written a post about hunting with the Japanese breeds here


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