Koto's Shikoku Puppies Have Hit 2 Weeks Old

Koto's pups are growing well, and just yesterday those tiny little eyes opened.
The female looks very feminine, the male very masculine, just the way it should be. Koto's been a very good mother, takes care of the pups, but is not neurotic about it or overly attentive, and doesn't get stressed about me or other people handling the pups.

I'm quite happy about these little guys, and they have that fresh puppy smell (you have to try it sometime).


  1. Woah! So adorable! After a lot of research and thought I’ve decided the Shikoku is the best dog for me, do you know of any breeders or puppies in North America? それとも日本に行ってそこで購入できますが、アメリカまで連れてくるのについてよくわかりません。それに対して法律があるかなぁ。

    1. If you do a google search for the North American Shikoku Club, I believe they have a list of breeders.


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