Dogs Arriving in the US as Cargo Now Need a Customs Broker!


Self explanatory title! If your dog is arriving in the US as cargo (unaccompanied through the cargo terminal) you are now required to hire a customs broker to clear the dog through customs on arrival. I just found out the hard way, and a dog had to sit in the cargo terminal for an extra couple hours while a broker was found. 

A google search for a customs broker will generally bring up a few, and expect to pay a bit for the service. I've heard of a quote for 300USD.

I will now be contacting the shipping agents and airlines on the Japan side to complain that they are not making this information available to dog owners.


  1. Hello. I wasn't sure where to post this, but wanted to post in the most current date of your blog. I am a fqn of the Japanese breeds, owned two Shibas and currently have an Akita.

    I am searching for some information and have had no luck. I am in a couple of Hachiko fan groups, and we have been seeking information on the Akita in the Japanese movie Hachiko Monogatari , produced in 1987.

    This is not the American version Hachiko: A Dog's Tale, produced in 2008.

    So far, my searches have not turned up anything at all on the Akita. We are teying to find out his name, where he came from, that sort of thing. If your group could possibly help with this we would appreciate it greatly.

    Best to you. Bruce Burnette

  2. Hello, Bruce. The trainer for the Akita in the movie was Mr.Tadaomi Miya. He's quite famous and has written books etc. He would probably know about the Akita in the movie.


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