Rest in Peace Teruhide Go Sekimei Sou

 This stormy spring morning Teruhide Go Sekimei Sou passed away aged 15 years 8 months old.

Teruhide was a son of Daigoro Go, out of the first litter this stud produced in the Kanto region. Through his pairings with Sekihoume Go Iyo Temman Sou, Teruhide left an indelible mark on the breed in the Kanto region, most recently as the great grandfather of Jukaishuu Go, Shikoku BOB at the 2019 NIPPO Grand National. 

Produced by Ishihara-san of Sekimei Sou, he was picked out of the litter to become a stud dog by the former vice chairman of NIPPO, Iwahori-san. Teruhide became rather legendary for the ease and speed with which he would breed, and the balance in pups produced. Our dogs never seem to live long enough, but a good healthy almost 16 years is all one can ask for. Rest in peace.