Accepting Homing Offers for Alice

EDIT: Alice has been homed. Thank you for all for your mails 2023/08/24

So as painful as this is, I will be accepting homing offers for Alice. There will be a rehoming fee to help me cover some of the costs for all the work and time I've put into her (and if you follow my IG you know I tend to put a lot into my keeper dogs). I really love this girl, and she was a very positive step toward what I want to breed toward in the Shikoku. However, she had complications with her pregnancy (which ended in a c-section), and I'm not comfortable breeding her again. So, I'm putting this out there for anyone who is interested in a pet Shikoku, but perhaps would rather start off with a young adult as opposed to a puppy that will take more time and attention.

 Alice is good in cars (yay! but best not fed before a drive), she's housebroken, kennel trained, crate trained, and I had started training her to hunt. She doesn't range far when off leash, but I would not categorize her as an off leash dog, as her recall is not 100%. She's dog selective, and needs a polite greeting to acclimate to new dogs, she will not be a dog-run type dog, but she gets along with everyone here. She's cleared all her basic health checks (blood testing, hips, knees, heart), and other than her problem pregnancy has been in great health. Her DOB is October 26th 2021

If I don't find a home for her that I like, she will stay here and hunt with me. But over the years I have realized that I have limited space for dogs, and in the preservation effort to try to save the Shikoku, I have to make some hard choices about which dogs are here at my house. Below is an article that ran recently in a national newspaper about hunting with dogs, featuring a nice picture of Alice and I.

If anyone is interested in having more information about Alice, feel free to hit me up at


  1. Hi Kato, I live in the US and interested. How good is she in apartments?

    1. Hello. She's never been in an apartment, so can't say, but as I've mentioned she is crate trained/kennel trained/house trained. As long as she gets too good long walks a day, she's quite happy to chill the rest of the day. She should not be left unattended however, as she still likes to find shoes and loose laundry to play with.

  2. Hello Kato, I have a friend that lives here in Saskatchewan on a 3000 acre farm. This would be the perfect place for Alice. though I do not know how far away Alice is. There was a rescue Shikoku at Akashima Kennels-Koji....this was years ago. He was wanted him and regrets not going through the process. For 5yrs he keeps saying I should have. Rob is a volunteer firefighter and farmer with the kindest heart. When we visit Masahiro glues himself to Rob, even so much as to trying to sit in his lap. He is a man that needs a shikoku like Alice. If she is still available or if you come across others that may need a home. Please email Owner of Masahiro, son of Shiggy & Hannah from Akashima Kennels. The best gift I could ever give Rob is a Shikoku. The best gift I could give a Shikoku (except Masahiro) is a Shikoku.

  3. Sorry my name is Karla. Didn't mean to be nameless.

  4. Alice would never be put in a dog run, out here in Saskatchewan our dogs go with us everywhere. and are never left to run free unattended. For most of us they are our whole lives. Rob lost a companion to Cancer 6years ago. Now the only breed he would ever consider taking home is a Shikoku. The death affected him deeply and a Shikoku like Alice would help him heal. He is in his mid 50's and would be writing this himself, except he is out on the farm at the moment.


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