HUCK Magazine

On the day before my birthday last month, an interview I did with Manami Okazaki for HUCK magazine was published, and what a birthday gift it was. She tends to cover all things Japan in her writing, and has put out some great books on Japanese subculture and artisanal crafts.


In contrast to the usual TV and news spots I'm interviewed for, this one was about more than just the Nihon Ken or hunting, and I'm really happy with how it came together. I think you can get a feel for how I try to live my life, and why I ended up out here in rural Japan with the dogs and boars. 

The pictures were taken by another famous face in the world of Japanese subculture photography Ronin De Goede and it was a pleasure to spend a day with the crew, chilling in the mountains and chomping down some excellent local ramen.

We had a nice little hunt for the shoot, and Karen actually got us on a little herd of boar, which sent both writer and photographer into the trees. I scrambled uphill to cut off their retreat, but unfortunately Aiki's shot missed, so no boar for the table on this day. All in all, another great memory that I will file away for my old age. Days like this I am reminded that this is the life I created and sometimes take for granted. I don't know how many years of this I have left in me, but I know I will enjoy them all.