NIPPO Microchips

 On August 11th NIPPO announced through its website that they will now require all Honbusho winners (NIPPO's version of a BIS at a regional show) and all winners at the NIPPO Grand National to provide proof of microchip registration. This is in line with new national regulations that came into effect on June 1st of 2022 requiring that all dogs being sold in Japan be microchipped. 

While this would not mean that all NIPPO dogs have to be microchipped by law, since many NIPPO dogs come from a non-commercial setting, or were born before the law came into effect, I think this is a positive move by NIPPO. It shows that the organization is moving forward, beyond what is required by law, for the welfare of their dogs. I believe NIPPO is the first canine registry in Japan to require this for show results, and without giving anything away, NIPPO will be making more moves in the future as part of a proactive and less conservative approach to changes in the world of dogdom. There will hopefully be some more news out of NIPPO HQ in the new future that I will be able to share here.

These new rules will come into effect from this upcoming show season, and will apply to this year's grand national as well.