Nihon Ken Pedigree Database

In 2018 I created the Nihon Ken Pedigree Database Online as a resource for preservationists of the Japanese breeds. It started as a database to track the Shikoku Ken, and in 2019 was expanded to allow data from all 6 Nihon Ken. The following text comes from the top page of the site: 

 The Nihon Ken (Japanese Dog) are the 6 aboriginal Japanese breeds designated in Japan as 天然記念物 or Natural Monuments. These 6 breeds are the Akita Inu, Kishu Ken, Shikoku Ken, Kai Ken, Hokkaido Ken, and the Shiba Inu. As the populations for many of these breeds have been decreasing every year, it is becoming increasingly critical to collect as much data as possible about the remaining breeding stock. This data will hopefully help the guardians of the breed to make the best possible plans for breeding and preservation. The Nihon Ken Pedigree Database Online was started in 2018 by Shigeru Kato with support from Laura Quadri, and originally tracked data for the Shikoku Ken. In 2019 it was expanded to accept data for all 6 breeds. The database is currently run by a worldwide group of Nihon Ken enthusiasts who volunteer their time to edit and administer the site.

While I will still be taking a peak at the site every now and again, and will be around to make sure it is still functioning properly, I am stepping down from its management and ownership. All inquiries and feedback regarding the database should now be made to

I am certain the site will continue to be useful in tracking bloodlines and health issues in the Japanese breeds for years to come, and hope everyone continues to make good use of the data it provides.