Dogo Argentino

I've been a fan of the breed for years, and actually I think I remember the wife was also slightly into them. I thought about hunting with them, but all the research I did told me that they were ill suited to the terrain here in Japan.

I'd been invited to a Dogo event by a friend who also owns some Nihon Ken, so I dutifully tagged along when I heard they'd be doing a mock hunt. Well things went a little south with a 70kg wild boar jumping fence and heading out to freedom, but the day was amusing.

I had Baron with me in the car, so we took off after the boar, actually tracked it rounded it up, which was when I realized I was idiot getting charged by a boar and I had no gun/knife whatever. I kicked it in the head and called Baron off. They released that boar into a residential area, they can deal with it. The good news is I received a call a few days later telling me that they had called in the local hunter's association and caught the boar.

All in all it was a fun filled day, and I got more than a few calls afterward from people interested in hunting with Kishu. Baron succeeds where all the Dogo's failed.

Here's a few pics from the day.





  1. Were any of these dogos previously trained to track boars? Or were they completely green dogs just being introduced to boars at this event?

    What are those birds/raptors? Are they tamed hunting birds?

  2. Some had been on boars before, some hunted before, some not.

    The raptors are tame hunters, owned by the gentleman who runs the venue where the event was held.

  3. I'm curious too--how did the dogos fail? Did they avoid the boar when they had the opportunity to stop it, or did they fail to track and find it? You said the boar was "rounded up" and then "released" into a residential area. Why? And what were all the dogs doing then?
    Was this a "pen test" where green dogs were made to face an adult boar without prior experience or training?


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