Busy Busy

So, lots going on right now. Spring litters and breedings are all in motion, some pups are available already, and I'm busy trying to match up the right pups with new homes.

The Kai Ken Aigokai national will be held on the 3rd of April, Sunday, in Yamanashi as usual.

There are Kai litters on the ground, Shiba litters, Shikoku litters... I'm going to be all over the country over the next few weeks. And yeah, it's snowing today. I'm bundled up in the house thrashing at my keyboard, while fielding phone calls. It's a fun busy day.


  1. It's good to keep busy! :]

    Can't wait to see pics of any pups you will be taking in before they go to new homes!

  2. Damn dude your like the international NK puppy broker. So you gonna start getting your pack back together?

  3. @Julie busy is good. Since my camera died a bit ago I'll have to get another for pictures.

    @Gen with work being so busy, I'm not sure about adding to my pack just now. It looks like I'll be moving again.


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