Hokkaido Ken Bear Test

Here's how they used to test the Hokkaido on bear at shows. The narration explains that the importance of this test is to judge the dog's wariness/cautiousness. The judge explains that it is an extremely important trait for a hunting dog to have a healthy level of cautiousness. If a dog attacks from the front with no regard for the superior power of the bear, the test is stopped as it shows the dog is lacking a healthy temperament for hunting. Attacks from the side or rear are awarded points.


You can see the white Hokkaido in the video is trying to move directly toward the bear.


  1. This dogs are sooo awfull - the aka-tora one directly stole my heart :-)
    About two month ago, I just managed to meet some Hokkaido Dogs (3 B/T and 2 Aka ones) and to get to know a lot about them. I was showed so many pictures and there were even pictures of such bear tests but it looks even more impressive with "moving pictures".
    This breed absolutely stole my heart, I hope one day, I will share my life with at least one or two Hokkaido Ken...

  2. Thank you for explaining the video. It's very informative.


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