Big Litters

I heard of a litter of 11 Kai puppies a little while back, and while that's absolutely nuts, I didn't actually see them. Today I went to visit a friend in Tochigi, and got a look at their litter of 7. Kai litters average between 3-5 I guess, maybe more like 3-4. Here's a basket of Kai bear pups.

And one with mom.

Here's the sire.
The dam.

And a couple videos for fun.

Feeding time was like a brawl.


  1. they are such rambunctious little ones!

  2. Hellos from Finland. Those are just absolutely beautiful puppies and Kais are beautiful dogs. I've been planning to get one someday... but here's only two of them in Finland.

  3. @Nonzo good luck! Kai are terrific dogs, and I hope you find what you are looking for.


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