Kai Ken Standards

Taken from http://www.nihonken.org/forum/index.php?p=/discussion/6421/size-comparison-of-the-kai-ken-standards.../#Item_24

 KKA: Height roughly 40cm (15”) - 50cm (19.5”) at withers http://www.yamabushikennel.org/standards.php

 NIPPO: Male standard height: 52cm (20”) Female standard height: 49cm (19”) is a female. On average, males 49cm (19”) from 55cm (21”), and female 46cm (18”) to 52cm (20”). http://www.nihonken-hozonkai.or.jp
*NIPPO standard for Kai has been temporarily lowered by 2cm. So male bottom end is 47cm, female 44cm.

 FCI: Dogs 53 cm (approx. 20-21 inches) Bitches 48 cm (approx. 18-19 inches) http://www.yamabushikennel.org/fci/kai_standards_FCI.pdf

 UKC: Desirable height, measured at the withers, ranges from 18½ to 22 inches (47cm-55.9cm) for males, and 17½ to 20 inches (44.5cm-50.8cm) for females. Weight ranges from 25 to 55 pounds. http://www.ukcdogs.com/WebSite.nsf/Breeds/KaiRevisedJuly12008

Desirable height for males 50cm, females 45cm. Allowance +-3cm (males 47-53cm, females 42-48cm).