Mountain/Dog Pics

Here's Baron, he's filled out nicely over the off season as you can see. He's got a terrific temperament, and I really couldn't be happier with him. Everyone I hunt with mentions how amazing he is, he hunts well, hunts hard, hunts close, doesn't fight with other dogs, listens to commands, and is friendly. He's chill in the house, and a monster in the mountain.


Here's Rome. Rome's just turned 1, and he's still a bit of puppy inside. He annoys other dogs by continually trying to play, and he can be rather rude about it. He's pretty vocal too. But, he's a sweet heart, and has been chilling out around the time he turned 1. I think he's going to have a nice NK balance of being friendly, but slightly aloof toward strangers. He also looks like he could have some hunting in him (he's from show lines).

And here's a short video of us climbing.