It's been a busy week. I get to meet a lot of celebrities in my line of work, but this was the first athlete I've taken care of. Thierry Henry was a terrific guy, and it was a pleasure to translate for him for a week, though it was hard work. Trying to keep up with the energy of a world class athlete for a week takes its toll. It looks like I ended up in some TV spots and a lot of Twitter action (in the background of course). Ogawa-san from Gotenyama Kennel randomly found this on Twitter and sent it to me.
Well after all that work I am now going to take a few days to get some backed up work taken care of, then head out to the mountains for a few days. Should be good.


  1. Couldn't find you in the pic for a while. Not used to seeing you in a suit. :-)

  2. haha... You look so professional back there - what's happening to you? LOL (joking, of course)


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