Kuro-goma Shikoku Ken Continued

Thanks for all the comments (and mails). I have to agree that the darker dogs contrast well with their urajiro, and it carries into photographs.

Personally from a preservation standpoint I don't really care what color the dog is, temperament and conformation are what is important to me. I don't really have a preference in Shikoku coat color. I spoke with some NIPPO members and judges about this, and while there may be personal preference among some owners in regards to color, it does not seem there is any overall preference toward any one coloration in the breed. The Shikoku 'type' has pretty much been established, even if recessive genes do pop up every now and again, and apparently some NIPPO members seem to have found that certain combinations of colors will produce certain average percentages of coloration in litters. Of course it's not an exact science.

Someone overseas did mention that it seems that kuro-goma Shikoku produce the most variety of coloration in their litters, so I asked around about this, but no NIPPO kennels I spoke too seemed to find that to be the case. They felt it was more an issue of the genes in certain lines as opposed to a certain coloration producing more variety.


  1. I like all colors of the shikoku both very striking.

    Health and temperament is important for me too.

    If I was waiting for a shikoku pup my main interest would be the personality of the pup and health.

  2. I get requests from people who are wanting Shikoku as alert or watch dogs at home. I've found, based upon other peoples' reactions, that the Akagoma seem to look cute, friendly and approachable. Whereas the Kurogoma tend to have an intimidating edge of beauty. Is there any correlation between foreigners wanting a pet vs. a watch dog? Maybe color ties in somewhere? -shrugs-

    I don't have a preference, persay, on coat color but I AM interested in the intensity (richness) of color within the coat - be it Akagoma, Goma or Kurogoma. By far health, working ability, drive, personality, temperment and structure are more important.

    With that said...I also asked for a Kurogoma (or Dark Sesame) when I was looking for my first Shikoku puppy, LOL.

  3. I'm guilty in preffering the Kuro-goma.. And when we were looking for pup it was a request, though not more important than the quality of the pup and parents pedigree :)
    The reason was as many states, the look of this color, how it stands out and looks somewhat different to the more common Shiba.



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