Kuro-goma Shikoku

Why does everyone overseas looking for a Shikoku want a kuro-goma (black sesame)? I'm asking this as a question, and don't mean to offend any of the many friends I've made online who have asked me to look for a kuro-goma (you know who you are lol).

I could make assumptions as to why everyone prefers kuro-goma, but I thought I'd ask instead.


  1. Maybe because it looks like a wolf :P ?

  2. Well I'm not interested in owning a shikoku but I prefer the look of the kurogoma. Can't tell you why, just that I like the look.

    @ladynaoki lol they don't really look like wolves to me.

  3. I think in pictures, the black sesame looks the most striking. It's an optical illusion thingy where darker dogs pop out of their background.

    The regular sesame, which is really what wolves are, appear more washed out.

    The red sesame has the poor fate of being too similar to Shibas. They don't have the novelty factor. When I see them in person though (ie. Kotomi), the Shikoku coat is quite nice and to die for. Prickly and harsh and complex. Wish my dogs had that coat.

  4. Personally, I like the red Shikoku best. I'm not much for owning dogs, but in general I think red colored ones look the coolest.

  5. I agree with ayk, I think it is because the kurogoma is clearly NOT a Shiba, while the akagoma could be mistaken for a Shiba.

    I also agree the kurogoma photographs better.

    I also think it's partly Ahi's fault. ;)

  6. Eh, for me, I just like color darker or black dogs. I have nothing against reds and I really like true sesames, it's just an aesthetic thing that really isn't very important when it comes down to actually getting the dog.

  7. I agree that I think that black sesame are much more striking in a photo. And that they do not look like a shiba (nothing against shibas!).

    However, I agree with ayk, that in person, the red sesame is very pretty. Since I have one of each, I think that they both are beautiful, but the female (black) photos much better than the male (red). Although he is pretty stunning in person, IMHO.

  8. I really like the black and tan yotsume Shikoku, really resembles the old world hongawa dogs.

  9. I wonder those who are asking you to find them a kuro-goma have actually seen the various different color shikokus in person? I've seen the aka-goma, goma, kuro-goma, and kuro. They are all stunning in their own way. =]

    But it's probably like what the others have stated, that the kuro-goma photograph better than the other colors.

  10. I agree with everyone else. I liked goma/kuro-goma because I already have a red shiba. And they all bear themselves with such stature like the photos of Yuu from Engmato kennels. Also, I see red often in pictures of Japanese Akita and most Hokkaido pictured online as examples.

    Variety is the spice of life. And Shikoku's are the peppercorns!



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