Nihon Ken Hozonkai National 2011 Pictures

Here's a link to the pictures of the winners and placers of the 2011 Nihon Ken Hozonkai National Exhibition.

There were 921 entries, of which 635 were Shiba, 147 Kishu, 125 Shikoku, 8 Kai, 2 Akita, and 4 dogs were entered as 'sankou ken' (exemplary animals, past winners etc, are on display for the consideration of NIPPO members as good examples of their respective breeds).

The top prize is the 内閣総理大臣賞 (Prime Minister's Award), second is 文部科学大臣賞 (Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science & Technology Award), third is the 文化庁長官賞 (Cultural Ministry Chief Secretary's Award).

A couple friends did very well. Fukuda-san took top Shikoku with his adult male, winning the Cultural Ministry Chief Secretary's Award, and Suzuki-san from the NIPPO Chiba branch took second in the adolescent female class.


  1. Congrats to both Fukuda-san and Suzuki-san! That's AWESOME.

    Could you please tell me the registered name of the Shikoku male that Fukuda-san placed with?

  2. His registration number is H18-1470 and his name is 秋竜号 it can be read a number of ways, most probably Akiryuu or Shuryuu or something like that.


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