Another Training Day

Met up with some other Nippo members to train/test some NK on boar. I didn't take Baron, since there's not too much point, and to be honest I am a little bored of this type of training, but since I am always on the lookout for good hunting NK, and my good friend Ogawa-san decided to bring some Kai, I made the trip.

Here's a 5 month old Shikoku female, and an adult Shikoku male. Notice the short legs, narrow chest etc on the male, some obvious flaws. He works really great on boar though, and this little girl reacted really well, though of course she wasn't working the boar directly.

Ogawa-san brought 3 Kai males, Boss, Tora, and Maru. Boss did very well. He's the first Kai male I've seen firsthand that looked like he could handle boar, and on his first time too. He bayed up well, moved well, and kept working to cut off the boar's retreat. The boar was a bit over heated, so you don't see much charging going on. This now makes two Kai that could be the start of a future big game hunting line.

Here's a Yushoku Kishu male, 2 years old, named Fuji. He's pretty much goes in to catch every time.

Kishu baying up the boar.

Shikoku pair baying up the boar.


  1. WOW! Boss looked great! Hmmm... Maybe I need a Boss son after all.

    Is Boss related to Kishin or Kaihime? I think he might be.

    I think Nio would be great on boar too, I *really* need to find a place to test him.

    Love that Yushoku male too!

  2. Shigeru, do you think it would be possible to get a pup from that Yushoku male for me?


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