NIPPO Regionals 2012 Spring

Here's the schedule for the NIPPO regionals in the Kanto region for Spring 2012.

March 4th Santama Branch (Location: Hachioji)
March 11th Kanagawa Branch (Location: Hiratsuka)
March 18th Tochigi Branch (Location: Ashikaga)
March 25th Ibaragai Branch (Location: Tsuchiura)
March 25th Yamanashi Branch (Location: Kofu)
April 8th Tokyo Branch (Location: Tokyo)
April 15th Chiba Branch (Location: Ichihara)
May 13th All Kanto (Saitama Branch, Location: Koshigaya)

I will be at the Santama Branch event tomorrow with Ogawa-san, and will try to make it to as many of the other events as I can. I can say that I will most likely (definitely?) be at the Tokyo and Chiba regionals.