4 Month Shikoku Ken Pup

This is Cho-un-go, a black sesame Shikoku Ken pup from Shimane prefecture. He's holed up with me for a bit till I figure out how to get him to his new overseas home. This guy has not had a single accident, is very quiet (for now), walks well on the leash, is friendly... I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop. I'm sure he'll soon show me his true Shikokuness.

It's nearly impossible for me to get a good picture of him on my phone, so a video is all I've got. He's got a very shallow stop, a very different type of head than a lot of the Shikoku around nowadays.


  1. Absolutely beautiful (and bites a whole lot less than Ruya...). Whatever happened to Ruya's brother?

  2. Handsome pup I love how playful he is.

  3. Thanks for the video of the pup Shigeru! And for taking care of him before his big trip! Looks to have a very nice temperament!

  4. Is Cho particularly big for 4months or do all shikoku shoot up from 2months onwards. From what ive seen they look alot smaller, this surprised me. I dont own one but would love to. Thanks for this blog its great btw

    1. The medium size breeds definitely shoot up at around 4 months


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