This is Dai, a 4 year old Shikoku male. He's from Shimane prefecture, and has flown over with me to Canada. I quite like this guy, good conformation all around other than a bit of white on his neck, and has a pretty good temperament. There is one problem with rehoming adult NK that have been raised in Japan, and that is that they often are not very socialized. Worst case scenario they have been kenneled their entire lives, and are wary of strangers, and dog aggressive.

I don't believe the Japanese breeds are inherently dog aggressive, my dogs have turned out just fine, they are breeds with a lot of energy and drive, and if they don't learn how to channel it properly through socialization/experience, their drive can quickly lead them to the wrong side of dog behavior.

Dai was raised indoors in a home with an older couple, so he's confident, great with people etc but he was not socialized with other dogs so has no idea how to communicate with them. It is unfortunate because at his core I think he has a very solid base temperament. I really hope that he is successfully used as a stud here, as I'd like to see more Shikoku with this type of temperament.