The Undercoat

Why do we have standards for breeds? Why are they important? Of course there's plenty of frivolous non functional aspects in modern standards, but here's a functional point that I noticed this hunting season. The Japanese Dog (Nihon Ken) should have a thick undercoat, and tough outer coat. My Kishu Baron has a very poor undercoat, and as you can see in the pictures below, his underside gets very irritated when hunting in the dense undergrowth of the Japanese mountains. This is actually a good day, on days he's been hunting, his skin is red and you can tell it's a bit tender.


  1. Nice post. Bella my parent's white boxer gets scratched Bella from running through high grass. :\

    Saya my shiba she runs and walks in high grass and even brambles no scratches or anything.

    Saya does like to collect plant seeds though.

    One reason I like her coat protection from cold, sun and woods.


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