This week a good friend of mine, James from Hartwood Craft & Garden, is holding an exhibition of his woodwork and photography at a local gallery. I love the creativity in the pieces he creates, and the melding of Japanese antiques into his woodwork gives it a unique touch. He lives right down the road from me, and has a workshop there that I have made use of a lot recently, along with his wood fireplace and bbq pit. He's even got a wood heated rotenburo (outdoor bath) set up in front of the workshop. I have to admit that my friends and I may or may not have made use of it after a few drinks late at night. You feel like a king in a hot bath under the stars in the countryside of Japan.

Anyway, I dropped by to snap a few shots of some of the work he's got on display.

I loved this coffee table

Antique sewing machine transformed

Crafted from the remnants of a door in an old farmhouse, it's now a lamp

This table wit a burnt/blasted finish was my favorite piece on display. The picture unfortunately does not do it justice

This table was actually made by my youngest brother, an apprentice woodworker

This tabletop was originally a door on an old farmhouse

A friend of mind made this chess set, pretty nifty

James also carves wooden signs and has done some work in Kanji, so we've been talking about collaborating on some Nihon Ken themed pieces... should be pretty amazing.


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