Last week I had the pleasure of taking a Hokkaido pup with me to Italy. All my Facebook friends will have seen the pictures, but for everyone else, here they are. I had a TERRIFIC time. The food culture is to die for, and Rome is an architecturally stunning city. Seriously, the place is like one big tourist attraction, and I was happy just strolling through it. I started walking at dawn on my first day, and pulled up in front of my room, lame, at 10pm. It was worth every foot bruising step.

I see this in Europe all the time. How do they get their cars out in the morning?

St.Peter's Basilica - absolutely amazing detail and scale. This building was crushingly awe inspiring.

Trevi Fountain - coins were flying in all directions.

The Pantheon - had a little drizzle for around 5 minutes.

The sky as seen from the center of the Pantheon.

The most painfully boring job in the world.

I was disappointed by the lack of street performers/artists in Rome. Maybe I was just in the wrong places, but it's something that I look for when I travel. All that seemed to be around, and present around every corner, were people trying to make money off tourists, and peddling their junk as art. Case in point the two gentlemen above. There were clone versions of this everywhere.

I flew China Airlines for the first time ever, and probably the last time (if I can help it). The food was terrible, and on the flight there and back, I had Chinese women spilling drinks and food on me, and sleeping on me. Literally. There was absolutely no respect for personal space, and the stewardesses were at best unfriendly, and at worst, just rude. This coming from a guy who doesn't usually complain about customer service... I flew through Beijing, and I loved the airport there, the staff were great too, and I even had a chuckle at experiencing firsthand the Great Firewall of China. I had to scan my passport just to get online.