Available 4 Month Old Shikoku Male

I was asking around for outcrosses  to send overseas earlier last year, so every now and again kennels still send me information on possible candidates. Today I received some pictures of a 4 month old red sesame male that is available.

And his Dam is Kankoume (red sesame). He was born on the 12th of February.


  1. I have a half-sister (by Daijin but different dam) of this male puppy that Shigeru has posted.

    She is of a bit longer/lankier type than some shikoku, but has a wonderful temperament. She came to me at 4 months old and was really easy to incorporate into my dogs (2 other shikoku). She is very gregarious and people friendly, and likes other dogs. Very smart, learns obedience well, very food motivated, so easy to train.


    So hopefully this male has similar traits and personality. I was a bit worried importing one at 4 months (since they lived in kennel), but Shigeru did an excellent job with her before she came and she was very easy. Hopefully this male will find a good home too!

  2. Thanks, Kris! I've heard that he has a very nice temperament, much like Miku's. He may be sent up here for me to evaluate in the next few days.

  3. this dog is so cute I hope it's okay


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