After being woken up at 2am by Katana who wanted to be let out to the bathroom, I found it impossible to sleep. After a slightly grumpy few hours trying to kill time till sleep returned, dawn started creeping through my loft window. I watched for the next 30 minutes as this unfolded.

It was the most stunning dawn I have ever witnessed, and that there is an unfiltered photo, ladies and gents. I was in awe. The breeze was drifting in through the window, clouds rolled by, and I soaked it all in with a huge smile. Thank you insomnia.

Kachi (aka Katana) is doing great by the way. He's getting lankier, loves to play, and loves to cuddle. I really need to find a place for this guy to go to. It's either that or he turns into Baron's hunting buddy.


  1. Please....more photos of Katana. : )

    1. Rainy season at the moment, but looks like we get a reprieve for today. Maybe I'll snap a few shots.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks to Katana I saw another beautiful dawn this morning. I've realized that beauty does not make up for lack of sleep.


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