24 Days Old

This morning the pups went outside on the front lawn for the first time. It was rather uneventful as they all immediately decided the great outdoors makes a great toilet, and then they attacked my feet as per usual, and then whined that they were hungry.

Tails up! From left to right: Female 1, Male 1, Female 2

Female 1. She's got nice balance in her head, a little sesame going in her coat, but she's very red. Her nose is solid black, she's got 'proper' coloration (urajiro, eye spots etc), and her mask is lightening. She's calm, slightly more reserved than her sister. She's the larger of the two girls. Looks like she leans a little more toward her mom in type.

Female 2 in the back. She's gotten a bit darker than her sister, she's still the smallest, and her nose has a tiny pink spot left at the moment. I imagine it will be all black in another 2 weeks. She's the feisty pup of the litter, very coordinated. I think she leans toward her dad in type, other than color of course.

I didn't get a good shot of the male, but he's doing great. He's chill, a cuddle bug, and friendly. Coloration is still nice and dark, and it looks like he's got a Kishu type head, but very Shikokuesque sesame.