The Furpocalypse

One of the joys of owning a Nihon Ken is the biannual coat blow, known affectionately as THE FURPOCALYPSE. This is a joyous period of time for owners who keep their dogs indoors, as if you ever had any spare time to begin with, it is now filled with cleaning dog fur for a few weeks. It is even more unfortunate when you have multiple dogs and they decide to stagger the shed in some form of sadistic relay race.

While many photos can be found online of this exciting event, this is the amount of fur I've been picking off my dining room floor for over a month now. And by the way, this is in the afternoon after I'd already cleaned up in the morning. Ahhhhh the joy.


  1. Hahahaha so true, sigh. Having three NK in the house next year is going to be "fun".

  2. Pet Series Roomba. Highly recommend! I can ship one over if you want! :)

  3. Unfortunately my house is too small and cluttered for a Roomba. I wish my house could accommodate one though.


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