More Hokkaido Pups!

So yesterday and today, I went to Haneda airport, on the opposite side of Tokyo bay, to pick up some more pups. It takes a lot of time and money to do these pick ups. The tolls alone cost over 5000 JPY round trip, and with the cost of gasoline, ouch! If any importers wonder why I have to bill you for transportation, now you know! After the 6 hour round trips, I now have 15 dogs.

Somebody save me already. I feel like any day now the dogs are going to set up a revolutionary committee and march on the house. I keep thinking I need to update the blog with pictures of all the dogs, but there's just never enough time! Food bills are rising! I spend 2 hours in the morning walking and feeding the dogs, and then 2 hours again in the evening (plus lunch for puppies...)

I have become a dog poo wrangler. My life now revolves around collecting and judging each dog's feces, trying to keep their stools in optimal condition. My neighbors are shocked when they ask how many dogs I have here, because it's so quiet. I've got my lay out and management system going like clockwork so that no one really whines or barks, and even if they do, it's just one dog at a time. God forbid my perfect system ever breaks down!

So, numbers 14 & 15 of the pack are two Hokkaido Ken pups at 2 months old. The black & tan female is out of Tokachi Morita So lines, the most famous, and it looks like now the only, kennel that is still maintaining a line of working bear dogs. Her parents are working dogs, and her grandsire is Tokachi Morita So's top dog.
The brindle male is out of show lines, but his brindle sire is a working big game dog, run primarily on bear.

These two pups will be going to Yamabushi Kennel in the US, and hopefully become a part of the Hokkaido Association of North America's breeding program.

Black and tan, and brindle, are both very rare colors in the breed today.

The other two white Hokka pups in the video have been here for a while. They're Masa and Piri, on their way to Italy in October.


  1. Wow that is an handful!

    Thanks so much for helping out though.

  2. I so know what you mean about the "poo wrangling" (and the management).

    The plus of having a bunch of Kai Ken is that they all kinda look the same, so know one ever really knows how many way have. ;)

    1. oops, I meant *no one really knows*...

    2. Now that I've got brindle, b/t, and white Hokkaido, it's throwing everyone off.


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